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Let your Uber driver know where you are without having to awkwardly call them

No more revealing your personal phone number to a stranger.

The worst part about getting an Uber or Lyft – especially in a crowded area – is letting them know exactly where you are.

Your only decent option was to text or call them directly, but then they've got your personal number and that's uncomfortable.

Uber is trying to fix that (finally) with a new update: a way to message your driver within the Uber app.

Uber detailed the new feature in an announcement, saying the goal is to "make the pickup experience as frictionless as possible."

So how does it work?

In the Uber feed there will be a contact and chat option. Click it, and you can send the driver a message with anything they might need to know (where you're waiting, a good pick-up spot, road closures, etc.)

When a driver gets a chat message, the app will read it out loud to them (because you know, they're driving). They can respond with a one-tap thumbs up to acknowledge they got it. And in the app, you can see when a message has been delivered and read.

The new chat feature isn't out yet but will be added to the app in the coming weeks, Uber says. So make sure to update the app.

In Minnesota, Uber now operates in Duluth, Rochester, Mankato, St. Cloud, the Fargo-Moorhead area, and the Twin Cities.

The company has also been rolling out other new services, including a test run of in-app tipping, restaurant food delivery, and a "Crap, I forgot something in my Uber" fee.

Uber has also been mired in controversy lately. Claims of sexist behavior led to the ouster of former CEO Travis Kalanick, and the company said it wanted to hire a female replacement – but the Washington Post reports no women Uber targeted want the job and the three finalists are all men.

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