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Let's judge Food Network's list of Minnesota's 'most iconic dishes'

Wild rice soup? Absolutely. Turkey burgers? ... Sure?

Minnesotans know no one understands Minnesota better than Minnesotans. So it's always fun to see an outsider's take on the quintessential Minnesota things.

The latest example: This Food Network list of the state's "most iconic dishes."

There are 20 total dishes – some are specific and even come with recommendations on where to get that dish (like Polish sausage at Kramarczuk's). Others are a bit more broad, like "pie." Just, all pie (though with a recommendation of New Scenic Café to get pie).

A few that really make sense?

Wild rice soup – Yep, that's legitimately Minnesotan.

Juicy LucyWherever you stand on the official origin, yes it's definitely ours.

Craft beer – Minnesota owns this space, so this pick checks out.

Pho – We've got one of the larger Vietnamese populations in the U.S., and well-liked pho spots are very prominent now.

But there are some uh, curious or weirdly specific picks too.

"Bar cookies" – This was almost a good pick, but they're just bars, Food Network.

Blueberry walnut pancakes – Why? Because northern Minnesota is "the land of blueberries" Food Network says (and sure they're popular but, "the land of blueberries?"), and Al's Breakfast in Minneapolis serves them. Sure.

Turkey burger – Minnesota has a lot of turkey farms (accurate), so Minnesotans "know what they're doing when it comes to cooking turkey."

Anyways, that's only a portion of the list. Check out the full thing here when you're done eating your grape salad during dinner tonight.

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