Let's search the Twitter bios of Clinton and Trump followers

Let's compare the Twitter bios of Clinton and Trump followers – just for fun.

So here's a fun Twitter election tool to spend a few minutes with.

The Huffington Post has a new data project called We the Tweeple. It takes the profiles of 8 million Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump followers on Twitter, and lets you search their bios for key words. The results then show you how many Clinton/Trump followers include that word in their bio. So here's an example:

Now, people get to include 160 characters in their bios, so there's not a lot of space to add a bunch of interests. Also, users don't have to fill it out, so not everyone is counted of course.

And even more importantly, there's nothing scientific about this.

"A big caveat: a Trump or Clinton follower does not a Trump or Clinton supporter make," Huffington Post writes. "In other words, this is not a scientific data set, and we’re not here to make big new proclamations about the American Voter. Mostly we’re just trying to scratch the itch of curiosity."

But they still find some trends, such as Trump followers more frequently referring to sports in their bio, while Clinton followers reference book-related words more often. Or more references to big state schools in Trump follower bios, versus "more ivory tower" institutions among the Clinton camp.

The whole thing is definitely worth a read. And it's interesting to punch in keywords and see what pops up. Below we've got a few more we tried:

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