'Let's treat ourselves': The touching story behind this MN-made White Castle urn


When Mel Burrows was finished with her cancer treatments, she and her sister Stacey Parrinello used to sneak out of the hospital and visit White Castle.

"Let's treat ourselves" became the catch phrase of their special trips.

"It might seem a bit silly to some people, but White Castle provided a sense of normalcy during Mel's treatments. And that was a true gift, because those days were difficult for all of us," said Parrinello in a news release.

Now the New Jersey woman is paying tribute to her late sister with a custom-made White Castle urn designed by the Eden Prairie-based firm Foreverence, which specializes in creating custom urns using a 3-D printer.

"The time we spent together at White Castle is something I'll always cherish and look back on fondly, because I loved that Mel was able to find such joy in one of life's simple pleasures," Parrinello said.

Their special catchphrase is prominently featured on the urn.

"We were touched by Mel's story, and were more than happy to create a custom-made White Castle urn to memorialize the fond memories she had with her sister," said Foreverence CEO Pete Saari in the release.

White Caste donating $10,000

White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson said that he is "humbled" and "honored" by the sisters' story.

Now the fast food joint is donating $10,000 to the American Cancer Society in Burrows' name and inducting both sisters into 2016 Cravers Hall of Fame class.

"The Cravers Hall of Fame encourages White Castle's most avid fans to submit original stories about their relationship with White Castle, and why White Castle is meaningful to them," according to the news release.

Parrinello will attend the 2016 Cravers Hall of Fame induction ceremony in October at the White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. 

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