LG has made a phone it claims will ward off mosquitoes

Get. It. To. Minnesota. Now.

Forget your Apple iPhone X, this could be the smartphone evolution we've all been waiting for.

LG has this week launched the K7i smartphone featuring a revolutionary piece of tech: it keeps mosquitoes away.

That's right, built into the phone is an ultrasonic wave emitter that is "absolutely safe and harmless for humans," LG says, but repels the bane of Minnesota summers.

CNN reports this tech has already been used in LG's TVs and air conditioners, but it's the first time it's been used in a smartphone.

The "mosquito away" tool is located on the back of the phone, behind a mesh cover.

Unfortunately, right now the phone is only being sold in malaria-rampant India at a cost of $122, though LG says it's looking to roll it out to other countries in the future.

LG, Minnesota needs you.

Does it work? Probably not

Upon further research of this smartphone breakthrough, it appears there is quite a bit of skepticism – and in many cases, outright debunking – within the scientific field about whether ultrasound actually wards off mosquitoes.

The BBC World Service compiled an extensive report on the case against ultrasonic waves to fight mosquitoes, noting that a study by the Dutch Malaria Foundation found that after 10 field studies the devices "have no effect on preventing mosquito bites."

The American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) agrees, saying at least 10 studies over the past 15 years having "unanimously denounced" ultrasonic devices as having "no repellency value whatsoever."

Yet "consumers flock in droves" to buy such devices, the AMCA says, with marketers appealing to the public's chemophobia (fear of chemicals) by offering them an erroneous "miracle cure" that doesn't require spray.

So, that's devastating ... if LG starts marketing this phone over here, know it's probably not going to work.

Instead, lobby your phone-maker to build one that smells of citronella.

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