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Liberal political beliefs are tied to liberal use of the unfriend button

A survey says that liberals are more likely to remove people from social media due to political posts.

Liberal-leaning Facebook users are more likely to unfriend someone they disagree with politically than conservatives.

This survey published Monday found that 13 percent of all people say they have removed someone (either by blocking, unfollowing or unfriending) because they disagree with that person's political Facebook posts.

Liberals vs. conservatives

When you look at political party affiliations, it gets more interesting.

Liberals are much more likely than conservatives to bounce someone from their feed. The survey found 28 percent of liberal-leaners admitted to removing someone because of political posts – while only 8 percent of conservatives admitted to it.

That trend follows if you go by party affiliation too, with 24 percent of Democrats saying they blocked/unfriended/unfollowed someone, compared to 8 percent of Republicans.

It's worth noting this survey was done from Dec. 7-11, in the wake of the Nov. 8 election. So the party that generally lost (Democrats) might be in a more sensitive spot than the party that's feeling pretty triumphant (Republicans).

Men vs. women

Even further, the survey found that gender was another significant factor in unfriending.

It found 30 percent of Democratic women vs. 14 percent of Democratic men said they did some unfriending.

When it comes to Republicans, men and women were pretty close, at 8 percent and 10 percent respectively.

The survey was done by the Public Religion Research Institute, which according to its website is a not-for-profit and nonpartisan group that does public opinion research.

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