Lift Bridge Brewing sues Wisconsin beer maker


Stillwater's Lift Bridge Brewing Co., the makers of Farm Girl, accuses a Menomonie brewery of confusing beer drinkers with a similar beer called Farmer's Daughter, the Business Journal reports.

Lift Bridge has sold its spiced pale ale since 2008. Lucette Brewing Co. began selling Farmer's Daughter in 2011.

Both beers have similar marketing that includes black, white and red-colored images of young farm women.

Lift Bridge also claims Lucette is trying to convince bars in the Twin Cities to replace Farm Girl with Farmer's Daughter.

"We asked several times very nicely, and unfortunately we've just seen more efforts from them to confuse and dilute the brand," Lift Bridge CEO Dan Schwarz told the Journal.

Lucette co-founder Tim Schletty declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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