The light rail is running again in downtown Minneapolis

That's a relief.

Phew. The light rail is up and running again in downtown Minneapolis.

For the past 11 days, Metro Transit closed the stations between Target Field and U.S. Bank Stadium as part of maintenance project, which has contributed to the nightmarish traffic in Minneapolis over the past week.

Riders taking the Green and Blue lines had to take replacement buses, walk or bike at the affected stations. And things were made a bit worse because Metro Transit's project coincided with construction on the Lowry Hill tunnel on Interstate 94, as well as other construction projects downtown.

What were they doing?

The station closures may have been annoying, but it should pay off.

Crews were laying new track on parts of the route, as well as doing some preventive maintenance, with a Metro Transit statement saying this "ensures a longer system life and an improved experience."

Metro Transit says the should mean faster travel times (less waiting for traffic lights), a smoother ride through downtown stations, and better functionality.

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