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Like cash for your school? Like it on Target's Facebook page


Target is letting users of social media make decisions that corporate executives previously made.

The Star Tribune reports that this year, schools that get the most votes on Target's Facebook page will cash in on the annual “Give With Target” campaign, which dips into a $5 million kitty to distribute funds to schools across the country.

Last year, Facebook voters decided which schools got half the proceeds; the rest was allocated by executives of the Minneapolis-based retailer. The newspaper writes that Target is betting its customers--oops, Target calls them "guests," sorry!--will prove to be fairer judges of need than its top brass.

Target limits the amount each school can receive to $10,000, so as many as 500 schools across the country will cash in on some of the philanthropy.

The business wire of the Wall St. Journal reports that Target has enlisted a group of celebrities to help rally votes for schools, including country music singer Luke Bryan, Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas and former Packer wide receiver and "Dancing with the Stars" champion Donald Driver.

The highest of the vote-getting schools will receive a celebration that will include appearances by the celebrity partners.

Target has pledged to donate $1 billion to education by 2015. The company has given $354 million to K-12 schools since 1997.

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