Lino Lakes councilor will apologize for threatening comment at Minnesota Congressman

The comment has since been deleted, but screenshots were taken and shared on social media.

A city council member will apologize after making a threatening Facebook comment directed at U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer.

The comment was written by Melissa Maher, a councilor in Lino Lakes, on a Facebook post made by Emmer on Monday about a farm visit he made that morning.

"If I were you Emmer, I'd avoid people who have a lot of deadly objects at hand," she wrote. "Selling us out was not a good plan for your future. You're a coward and a party whore."

The comment has since been deleted, but screenshots were taken and shared on social media including by Emmer's chief of staff David FitzSimmons.

FitzSimmons and the Minnesota GOP were among those calling for an immediate apology from Maher, with several commenters on Facebook also criticizing the veiled threat in her statement.

"We condemn any form of violence or threats against elected officials," MNGop said on Twitter.

Speaking to MPR on Tuesday, Maher said she regrets the post and will be contacting Emmer's office to apologize.

"I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I would post a comment like that," she said. "As soon as one of my constituents here in Lino Lakes had responded to my comment I realized and responded back to her saying that it was a total lapse in judgment and just a very poor choice on my part."

The comment Maher made was in response to Emmer's support of the American Health Care Act, which he voted in favor of in the House last week.

The Star Tribune reports that Maher, a licensed lawyer, has no plans to resign over her comment, saying that council members are "citizens and humans also, and we're entitled to be just as stupid as everyone else sometimes.

"I don’t think that in this political climate, people voicing their dislike over a politician’s decision is anything that would warrant a resignation."

Although others didn't go as far as Maher, most of the comments left on Emmer's Facebook post are critical, either about the AHCA vote, President Donald Trump's perceived ties to Russia, and calling on him to hold another Town Hall meeting.

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