List: Best, riskiest banks in the Twin Cities


Almost 83 percent of Twin Cities-based banks turned a profit the end of 2012, according to a Business Journal analysis of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. data.

That's an improvement from about 70 percent at the end of 2011, the publication reports.

The Business Journal lists 104 banks in the Twin Cities area. Check out the publication's best and riskiest banks.

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Banks coming back home in apartment boom

Twin Cities banks are cashing in on the surge of multifamily construction, jostling to do business again with real estate developers, the Star Tribune reports. It's a sharp twist from the post-crash years when toxic concentrations of commercial real estate loans brought down so many small community banks and larger banks all but pulled out of construction and development lending.

Somalis protest by closing bank accounts

A group of Twin Cities Somalis are frustrated with banks no longer willing to transfer money to Somalia. In response, Somali-American customers are removing their money and closing bank accounts. They want banks to restore the wire service to Africa. Banks fear the money transfers could violate anti-terror regulations.