List: The 6 most annoying winter drivers in Minnesota

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If you've made it through a couple winters in Minnesota, you probably have some pet peeves about other drivers.

We've all seen them. That driver who's following so close behind you that he's practically in your trunk while you take it slow to avoid spinning out on a patch of ice. Or, the overly cautious out-of-towner (or Minnesota newcomer) who drives all too slow in the fast lane once the flakes start falling.

Twin Cities NewsCastic is also familiar with these drivers. The list-loving news website gives you the six most annoying winter drivers in Minnesota:

The 4WD Maniac

Those behind the wheel of 4x4 trucks and SUVs think they're invincible on snowy Minnesota roads. That doesn't mean they won't hit black ice and roll into a ditch. Seriously.

The Tailgater

As mentioned above, no one – whether during winter or summer – likes someone riding their bumper on the road. You know who you are: back up.

The Portable Avalanche Driver

After a blizzard dropped a foot of snow the night before, these drivers took about 30 seconds to clear off their cars before hitting the road.

Yeah, the extra five minutes you didn't spend clearing your car's roof might get you to work on time. But the car behind you that gets nailed with a massive sheet of snow, or "snow bomb," could lose control and slam into your trunk.

The Driver Who Refuses To Use Lights

Why? Luckily these days, most newer vehicles have automatic lights. But if you're driving without headlights in a snowstorm, you could find yourself sideswiped BECAUSE NO ONE CAN SEE YOU.

The Woefully Unprepared

OK, so you've never experienced a Minnesota winter before. You drive super slow and may not have that much experience driving altogether. But it's annoying. Educate yourself. Here are some pointers.

The Renegade Snow Plow

Oh no, clearer of snow, you are not exempt from the annoying driver list. As NewsCastic notes, it's best to let plows work and get out of their way. (MnDOT: don't think we aren't grateful). However, it can be quite irritating to find your car parked on the street surrounded by a mountain of snow.

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