List: Things Minnesotans do in winter that others find strange

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Did you ever stop to think that it's a little out of the ordinary that we in the great state of Minnesota play fetch with our dogs in the winter – with snowballs?

Or that in winter we'll ...

... instinctively reach for a broom to get heavy snow off our cars when those little scrapers won't cut it?

... drive a truck on a lake and set up a little house out there ... to fish (and drink beer) in?

... put coats ... on dogs?

... ride stuff like this:

And does it strike you as the least bit odd that we live in a state where people seek out ingenious ways to prop up their bikes to avoid a curbside burial-by-snowplow?

Well, these things have occurred to the folks at GetKnit, who hold up a mirror to us with this fun list: 26 things that Minnesotans do that others find odd.

The Star Tribune has a similar Top 10 list of things Minnesotans do in the cold, including: Create snow sharks and other sculptures.

And build backyard luge runs.

Check the lists out. Then grab a coozie for your beer can (to keep the brew WARM enough that it doesn't freeze) and head out to play some boot hockey. Because, you know, that's not weird at all.

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