Listen: D.R.A.M., A$AP Rocky and Juicy J find 'Gilligan'

Even D.R.A.M. at his darkest is still pretty happy.

Some rap collaborations appear to be the product of pulling three buzzing names out of a hat. So is "Gilligan," a new D.R.A.M. song with A$AP Rocky and Juicy J.

While this odd trio may have a few similarities in terms of style, positivity and an unwavering love of partying. Sonically, however, they're in three different camps. That's why their coming together for "Gilligan" is such a curious record.

This is as dark as you'll ever hear D.R.A.M., and even then it's still relatively upbeat and references a beloved '60s sitcom. Yes, "Gilligan" has a lot of Gilligan's Island references, even if the cover art appears to be a blurred explicit image that wouldn't normally fly on classic TV.

Still, the presence of Juicy J gets us pumped, reminding us of his impactful kinetic Three-6 Mafia Records. A$AP Rocky sounds inspired as well, genuinely happy to be getting jiggy in a new soundscape. Overall, it's probably the best song about Gilligan's Island you'll hear this year.

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