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Listen: Eminem returns with "Campaign Speech"

Eminem surprising fans with nearly-eight minutes of lyrical fury. Guess who he's mad at now?

Shady's Back. Tell a friend.

Well, actually, your friend probably already knows, as Eminem's "Campaign Speech," a seven minute and forty-seven second freestyle that Mr. Mathers uploaded without warning this morning, has made us all into Stans once again.

The new single is tsunami of wordplay over a minimalist beat without drums, allowing for Em to bend the tempo with a battle-rap cadence, his syllable stacking continuing to be on point. He's also weighing in on social issues, from his disdain for the thought-process of Donald Trump supporters to violent fantasies about George Zimmerman, to a shout-out to Colin Kaepernick's socks. It's Em as a potent force of nature, showing that days after his 44th birthday, he isn't slowing down.

While some have remarked that Em's been "unusually quiet" during this uproarious election cycle, it's worth noting that Em seldom weighs-in on politics until right before a major moment. In 2004 when all of hip-hop was choosing sides in the Bush-Kerry election, Em held off on any commentary until releasing his Bush-bashing "Mosh" literally one week before election day. We're speculating now, the timing between his birthday and the final debate might have just been too good.

Em tweeted "Campaign Song" with the note it was just something to hold us over, with the promising words "Don't worry I'm working on an album!"

If Em's political message has you primed to get engaged in the upcoming election, make sure to check out Go Vote MN to learn more about candidates, how to and where to vote, and even get the invite to a our upcoming Beerocracy party.

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