Listen: Nicki Minaj returns with "Black Barbies," her take on "Black Beatles"

Nicki Minaj has reemerged for a clinic in MCing on her "Black Beatles" response - "Black Barbies." If you're a fan of Nicki's rapping, you HAVE to hear this!
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The mannequin challenge has proven to be a powerful viral force, already impacting the world outside of social media by catapulting Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane's "Black Beatles" to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This caused a chain reaction that saw the reawakening of Nicki Minaj. The rapping Nicki Minaj. The Nicki Minaj rapping machine who stole the show on Kanye West's "Monster."

Today, she dropped her take on the track, "Black Barbies."

The song is shamelessly, unabashedly Nicki, and it's just great to hear her spit like this again. From addressing Trump twice, to putting other rappers in their place to bragging about her status as only she can, this is exactly what we wanted from Nicki. Good like trying to mannequin challenge to this one, it's impossible to keep still.

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