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Listen: Russ has arrived with "For the Stunt"

New track with sweet confidence.

Russ just dropped a new song, the autobiographical "For the Stunt." Tweeting the Soundcloud link with the qualifier opening line "i was broke a year ago i worked for this....," Russ let's us know that "For the Stunt" is about his arrival and hard work paying off.

Almost candidly rhyming "Dropped 11 albums, they all flopped -- but I learned from it," it really lends a foundation as to why such a braggadocios track is a cause for celebration.

But what particularly stands out is the contrast in the second verse that shows Russ' confidence and satisfaction in what he has. "Too busy eating my own fruit to check if yours is sweeter / Too busy watering my grass to check if yours is greener" is a sentiment seldom expressed in a track primarily about stunting. Give how the crowd reacted at last summer's Go Show to Joey Bada$$' "Devastated," we look forward to seeing how they pop off on Halloween at the Fine Line when Russ lets this one loose at Go Show 4.

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