Livestock losses from S.D. blizzard may raise prices for MN cattle


Ranchers in South Dakota are working to dispose of more than 10,000 livestock carcasses left by the blizzard that dropped up to four feet of snow on the Black Hills.

Pennington County's Emergency Operations Center opened a pair of 20-foot-deep disposal pits, the Associated Press reports.

Flooding that followed the October 5th storm has kept some farmers from reaching animals that survived the blizzard and hampered efforts to clear away those that did not.

Now, the National Weather Service reports a new storm is headed for the Black Hills and may leave another foot of snow in parts of the region.

The loss of so much livestock is likely to shake up the market, for beef cattle in particular. An agribusiness professor at South Central College tells KEYC South Dakota ranchers will look to neighboring states to replenish their herds. Peter Neigebauer says that will push up prices for Minnesota cattle, but he does not expect much of an impact on retail prices for beef.

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