Local student's invention could save lives in the event of a school shooting

Justin Rivard attends Somerset High School just east of the Twin Cities.

A senior from Somerset High School in western Wisconsin believes he's invented a device that can help save lives in the event of a school shooting. 

Justin Rivard's creative door jam was featured on KARE 11. It's made of steel plates and connecting rods, can be set up for use in seconds, and he's yet to find anyone who can force a door open with his product, the "JustinKase," in place. 

On his website, Rivard says he created the product in a welding class after his teacher challenged students to create a product that would increase school safety. 

The cost: $95. 

KARE reports that Rivard's invention is already accepted as a safety tool in the Grantsburg School District, where they've gone through emergency drills with students and staff on how to use the JustinKase.

According to the New-Richmond News, Rivard was given a standing ovation at a Somerset Chamber of Commerce awards banquet last Saturday night. He was recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and given honorary membership for 2018. 

JustinKase currently works on in-swinging doors that are 25-40 inches wide, although Rivard told the New-Richmond News that he's working on a similar product that would work on doors that open outward. 

Somerset is just miles across the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, or about 10 minutes from Stillwater. 

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