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Longtime Wright County OB/GYN dies in motorcycle-golf cart crash


A crash involving a motorcycle and golf cart killed a longtime OB/GYN doctor in rural Wright County Saturday afternoon.

Monticello Clinic Dr. Eric Lefebvre was driving his motorcycle on Wright County Highway 2 along Lake Francis when the operator of a golf cart made a left turn in front of him, causing Lefebvre to slam into the cart, FOX 9 reports.

The station says the driver of the golf cart only received scratches in the crash, and Wright County authorities are conducting a full investigation.

The Monticello Clinic website says Lefebvre has been an OB/GYN at the clinic, as well as the New River Medical Center in Monticello and Buffalo Hospital, since 1997.

"It's a huge loss," Monticello Clinic CEO Douglas Hanson told FOX 9. "Just a really smooth guy – steady, very caring, low-key personality, unassuming. Just the kind of physician that really appealed to the patients, a very sincere man."

According to Lefebvre's bio, he was married and had four children. North Wright County Today says the family lives in the Buffalo area.

Motorcycling was listed among the doctor's hobbies on his bio.

A resident who lives in the area of the crash told FOX 9 there are "a few" people who use golf carts "on the back and side streets," but never on the highway.

Minnesota law says since motorized golf carts are not titled or registered with the Department of Public Safety, "ordinarily they cannot be operated on public roads."

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