Loo-ky here: Minneapolis has nation's best restroom

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The nation's best bathroom contest has come to a head.

Giving new meaning to "going No. 1," the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis' Dinkytown neighborhood can now proudly declare that it has the finest restroom in the country. A special presentation was made Tuesday morning at the popular music venue, the Star Tribune reports.

America's Best Restroom Contest is sponsored by Cintas, a major supplier of products for public facilities. The company earlier this month narrowed the list to 10 finalists, and online voters wasted no time picking a winner.

Cintas has more photos of the Varsity facilities, as well as pics of the other finalists.

Cintas described the Varsity's lavish loo as an "Alice In Wonderland-like grotto" with "ornate, gilded mirrors, sassy text plates, and bricks laid as if by a drunken mason on bender."

The company also pointed out that bartenders even serve drinks over the back counter of the restroom area equipped with a lounge that has a view of the stage.

Last year, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis was a finalist in Cintas' competition, but lost to the The Field Museum in Chicago.

Apologies for engaging in a bit of bathroom humor here. Our faces are flushed.

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