Look, a crook! Surveillance camera captures suspected thieves in action

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In northwestern Minnesota, another case where the increasing presence of surveillance cameras is giving law enforcement officers a new tool in thwarting thieves.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department in Moorhead has released three grainy photographs of a pair of thieves at work in the area, and are seeking the public's help in identifying them.

KFGO reported that investigators say the thieves have stolen a large number of copper power cords from beet pilers owned by American Crystal Sugar Co. in the Clay County communities of Hitterdal, Felton and Sabin.

Sheriff’s Lt. Steve Landsen says the thefts have been occurring over the past six weeks. Valley News Live reported the copper is likely to be sold for scrap.; Lt. Landsem says the value of the stolen copper is in the "tens of thousands of dollars."

The Fargo Forum notes that American Crystal Sugar has offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the individuals responsible.

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