A look at some of the files released Tuesday in the Philando Castile case

Authorities released public documents in the Philando Castile and Jeronimo Yanez case Tuesday.

Thousands of photos, documents, audio clips and other data in the Philando Castile case are now public following the end of the Jeronimo Yanez trial last week.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office provided interviews, videos, images and documents it used in the prosecution of former officer Yanez.

Everything was uploaded to their website – you can access the documents here. But be warned, everything is unedited and left as presented in court. So there are a number of photos specifically that are graphic.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension also made hundreds of documents into its investigation available Tuesday afternoon to reporters who sent in data requests. Some are immediately recognizable as directly related to the shooting, such as dashcam video and photos of Castile's belongings. Others are more tangential – an email about preventing cyber attacks that went to St. Anthony workers, or a search warrant for Diamond Reynolds' phone.

We’ve pulled a few key pieces and provided them below:

'Reason for Stop'

Yanez calls in saying he has reason to pull over a vehicle because the two occupants look like people involved in a gas station robbery days earlier. He described Castile's "wide set nose" as one of the reasons.

A subsequent investigation ruled out Castile as a suspect, and as of last fall that crime had not been solved.

[audio mp3="http://www.gomn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/reason_for_stop.mp3"][/audio]

Dashcam video

This shows Yanez and Castile when they first encounter each other, but only from a dashcam in the squad stopped behind.

Transcript of the video

Here's a transcript of what was said during the video. You can read Castile and Yanez's conversation, and see what a seemingly panicked Yanez said after the shooting.

Photos of the scene

Images from outside the car show Castile's shoes and gun on the street. His wallet includes a permit to carry a firearm. A bag of weed was discovered in the vehicle. A bullet Yanez fired went through the driver's seat and struck the back seat, less than a couple feet from the young girl strapped in.

Witnesses gave conflicting accounts about where Castile's gun was, CNN reported. One said he saw it fall out of Castile's pocket, while another said they saw an officer remove it.

Reynolds admitted on the stand during the trial there was marijuana in the car at the time, but she and Castile hadn't been smoking that day, the New York Times said.

Yanez was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm – prosecutors had argued he put Reynolds and the 4-year-old in the rear seat in danger. He was found not guilty on those counts as well as manslaughter.

Another warning: Some content below is very graphic, but shown as presented in court.

Diamond Reynolds' livestream

The Facebook livestream Reynolds broadcast as Castile lay shot in the seat.

Interview: Diamond Reynolds with investigators

Interview: Yanez with BCA investigators

You can read the transcript of the interview here.

The prosecution referenced the interview the BCA did with Yanez several times during the trial, arguing it helped prove Yanez didn’t see Castile’s gun. However, the prosecution never entered it into evidence.

Last week, the jury asked for a transcript of that interview, but the request was denied.

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