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Look out – it'll be so hot that roads might explode this weekend

A Minnesota highway buckled last year when it got this hot.

This weekend is going to be a scorcher – and that could take a toll on Minnesota roads.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation tweeted out a little reminder that temps this high can make roads explode – kind of.

Technically, it makes roads "buckle" or bubble up. Like this:

MnDOT says it can happen when the air temperature changes from moderate to extreme heat.

High temperatures cause pavement to expand – which is generally fine because roads are cut into segments with gaps in between to allow for that.

But when it's super hot, the pavement might expand more than that little gap allows. Then the segments push into each other and eventually blow upwards because there's nowhere else to go. That can cause a real mess.

Buckles don't usually happen to blacktop pavement because it's pretty flexible. They're more common in older concrete pavements.

As you probably can imagine, it's also pretty dangerous. If you're driving along and don't slow down before the bump, you could launch your car. Just check out this video.

It's happened in Minnesota before

Usually road buckling is reported in hot parts of the country. But that doesn't mean it can't happen here.

In fact, it happened just last year on Highway 36 in Little Canada.

Just watch the state Department of Transportation's video below. Keep an eye on the closest lane of traffic that's driving towards you. That's where the buckle is. Every once in a while you can see a vehicle go up over it (which you shouldn't do, you should try to go around).

Temperatures were in the 90s then – just like they will be this weekend.

The forecast shows it won’t be quite as hot as what was predicted a few days ago, but it’ll still be in the mid-90s for much of the southern half of the state on Saturday.

But it’ll feel even hotter thanks to the dew point, which will be in the sticky 60s by Saturday afternoon. That’ll make it feel like it’s about 100 degrees outside if you’re in the southern half of the state. If you’re in northern Minnesota, the “feels like” temperature will be in the mid-80s.

We have some tips for staying safe this weekend here, and some ideas for what to do if you're staying inside where it's cool.

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