Look out! Roofs, pillars, canopies collapse in Duluth


It's quite the curiosity, what's going on in Duluth. As the mounds of heavy snow slowly melt, the weight of the white stuff is apparently taking a toll on roofs and other structures, causing them to tumble without warning. The good news is that no one has been seriously injured in the series of collapses.

WDIO reported a 20-foot collapse in the center of the roof at the Historic Duluth Armory over the weekend, causing up to $75,000 in damage.

City officials on Monday said a structural review will be required before people can return inside. "It's been unusual in terms of the amount of snow we've had and the weather we've had," Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Bushey said.

WDIO also captured video of part of the entrance at the Church of Restoration that collapsed Saturday night. The church has begun efforts to raise money for repairs to the brick column.

Also over the weekend, the Northland's News Center reported that Duluth police and emergency crews investigated the collapse of an awning at a gas station. The Duluth News Tribune reported that the station will be required to hire an engineering firm to assess why the canopy tumbled. The collapse damaged an SUV with a passenger inside, who received minor injuries.

In February, a handful of stores at Duluth's Miller Hill mall had to close when the structural integrity of the roof created safety concerns. Snowdrifts as high as 15 to 20 feet were recorded on the mall's roof. And in December, a canopy at Duluth's Greysolon Plaza collapsed without warning. A wedding reception was underway on the second floor of the historic downtown building at the time. Some in attendance described feeling a tremble that felt like an earthquake.

On April 4, the Duluth News Tribune reported that snowfall for the season topped 117 inches, pushing the city into seventh place on its list of snowiest winters on record.

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