Look outside tonight – you might see the northern lights


Take a look outside tonight.

The earth is currently being battered by a tempestuous solar storm, which prompted spectacular northern lights shows in northern Minnesota, fittingly green as St. Patrick's Day dawned.

And with the storm continuing, the aurora borealis is expected to make another appearance tonight, with the Detroit Free Press saying it could stretch as far south as the central United States.

The Aurora Service is predicting the lights to have a strength of Kp 8.33 tonight. Typically, you need a strength of Kp 7 to see the aurora in southern Minnesota and Kp 5 in northern Minnesota, so there's a good chance of a spectacular show tonight.

Discovery.com says the current solar storm is the most powerful of the solar cycle, prompting particularly bright auroral displays in Scandinavia, Russia and Alaska.

USA Today said that the storm has the potential to affect electrical power grids and satellite services.

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