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BringMeTheNews is now GoMN. But we're still the same team.
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You might have been expecting to go to BringMeTheNews.com.

You did! There's nothing wrong with your phone or computer, and you didn't type it in wrong.

This is now BringMeTheNews. Or, more appropriately, BringMeTheNews is now this – GoMN.

The website and name are different. The team behind it and the stories we write are the same.

We're here to be your modern source for Minnesota news, so take a look around and let us know what you think. We're excited to have you. Stay tuned.

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A reader’s look at advertising at BringMeTheNews

By now most of our readers know the history at BringMeTheNews, but how much do our readers really know about the advertising side of our business? We’re very different from other local news outlets in this regard. Our Director of Content Marketing, James Anderson, explains.

BringMeTheNews: Mobile

BringMeTheNews journalists are constantly seeking out the best news in the state of Minnesota and delivering it to you however you'd like to consume it. Now, we can bring you the news 24 hours per day on your mobile device...

BringMeTheNews wants to help promote your nonprofit

BringMeTheNews is on a mission to celebrate the great work done by nonprofits in the state of Minnesota! To showcase the accomplishments of organizations in our state, BringMeTheNews has created the BringMeTheNews Gives Back Advertising Grant program. Each month for one year, BringMeTheNews will feature one nonprofit on bringmethenews.com, sharing the accomplishments of the organization and informing readers of its mission.