Looking for puppy love? Uber is delivering pups this Valentine's Day

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Uber is delivering puppies for Valentine's Day.

The rideshare service has teamed up with Secondhand Hounds to deliver adoptable puppies on-demand from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday in the Twin Cities, a news release says.


“I mean, can you get a better Valentine’s Day gift? I feel like it is a slam dunk of Valentine’s Day presents if you have a honey that loves puppies and dogs,” Rachel Mairose, executive director of Secondhand Hounds, told WCCO.

There's a $30 "snuggle fee" to play with the pooch for 15 minutes. (Proceeds will benefit Secondhand Hounds.) All you have to do is open your Uber app Sunday afternoon, request the "puppies" option, and then a puppy will be on the way.

Uber notes the puppies will be in "very high demand" and availability will be limited, so "be patient."

And if you fall in love with the pooch – you can adopt it. For more information, ask the representative assisting with your puppy delivery.


Back in October, Uber teamed up with Animal Ark to deliver kittens to people in the Twin Cities.

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