Loring Park restaurant will be replaced by casual concept with arcade and free eggs

Bearcat Bar will open Thursday.

There's a quick turnaround going on at a Loring Park venue this week, with a restaurant closing on Wednesday re-opening as a new concept on Thursday.

The Third Bird, the brainchild of Minneapolis restauranteur Kim Bartmann (Tiny Diner, Bryant Lake Bowl) that opened in March 2015, announced it has "flown the coop" from its home at 1612 Harmon Place and would be "re-alighting" somewhere else in downtown Minneapolis.

Taking its place in the prominent park location on Thursday will be Bearcat Bar, which Bartmann's team promises will have a "more approachable, faster and cheaper" drinks menu ("do we really need to have 20 bottles of homemade bitters on the bar?! NO").

Some elements of the Third Bird menu will be retained – notably the wood-fire grilled steak, chicken and cauliflower steak – but being added to it will be more casual fare, including burgers, sandwiches, pasta and even some pho.

The restaurant is also the latest to be hopping onto the arcade games bandwagon.

Fans of breakfast food will be pleased by Bearcat's promise of eggs, which the Pioneer Press reports diners can add to their meals free of charge.

The bar's name is an homage to the Stutz Bearcat, one of America's first sports cars, in view of the fact 1612 Harmon Place used to be home to a Stutz dealership.

CityPages is in favor of the change, saying a "casual drinker's bar" is something that the Loring Park neighborhood "can really use."

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