Lost Canadian snowmobilers survive night in frigid cold, turn up in Minnesota


A young Canadian couple managed to survive life-threatening conditions in the Northwoods after their snowmobile broke down on Sunday.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the Star Tribune that the man and woman, both 20, from Steinbach, Manitoba had been ice fishing near Birch Point in southeast Manitoba with another couple.

The couple left the ice house on a snowmobile around 11:30 a.m. to take a short ride back to their vehicle, but never returned. The Winnipeg Free Press reports blowing snow and visibility near zero caused the two, who were without GPS, to become disoriented.

The Free Press says they traveled about 25 miles before their snowmobile broke down. The couple was able to start a fire and spent the night outside in dangerously cold temperatures.

Staff Sgt. Harold Laninga told KenoraOnline that on Monday morning, the man walked about a half a mile through a swamp and heavy snow to a house in Roosevelt, Minnesota.

The person at the home brought the two to a hospital in Roseau, Minnesota, where the man is being treated for frostbite to his feet.

To get an idea of just how cold it was, the National Weather Service says temperatures in Roseau dipped to -24 degrees Monday morning with 10-mph wind gusts, creating piercing wind chills.

Another incredible survival story involves a Minnesota father and son whose snowmobiles iced up in Michigan on Sunday. The two survived 28 hours in temperatures of 20 below zero before being rescued.

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