Love is dead: The chatting Google Homes are done

The internet's greatest love story has come to a sad, sudden end.

The dumbest, best thing on the internet is now the donest, best thing on the internet.

Earlier this month some time-wasting geniuses created SeeBotsChat – a Twitch channel where you could watch two Google Homes talk to each other.

It was a surprise success, at least from a fandom perspective. Their Twitter account picked up more than 10,000 followers, and had more than 4.3 million views on Twitch. There was even some ... interesting fan-art, possibly-shipping, going on.

And it was all because of the rapport Vladimir and Estragon had. Check out these samples via /r/SeeChatsBot:

But there's some bad news.

The dev team behind SeeBotsChat did a Reddit AMA over the weekend, and said they planned to bring the internet favorites back after Awesome Games Done Quick.

But they ran into business issues.

They used an API (a type of programming interface) from Cleverbot.io – only to be contacted by Cleverbot.com after the Twitch stream went viral, saying that the API wasn't actually open for use.

"We took all the steps requested to correct this, keeping the stream up for a couple days, but decided to remove it out of respect for the negotiation process. Without getting into too many details (we wish we could), we weren't able reach a point where the stream could reasonably continue," one of the developers wrote.

So that's it. It was a short life for these two Google Homes that were totally in love – and weren't afraid to show it.

You can find some archived transcripts and videos here.

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