Low-hanging fruit: South's snow emergency an easy target in frigid North


It's hard to be snug in sub-zero temperatures. But some Minnesotans might be a little smug.

As flurries, sleet, and temperatures falling into the 20s close roads and schools in a swath of states from Texas to Virginia, Minnesotans weary from a month of blizzard warnings, black ice, and wind chill days may be left shaking their heads.

The headaches in the South are real, though. Reuters reports two people were killed in a 7-car pileup in Alabama. New Orleans closed its airport and more than 3,000 flights were canceled throughout the region.

A city spokesman in Savannah, Georgia, confirmed to USA Today that there'd been a run on grocery stores after residents heard an inch or two of snow might fall in communities that lack road salt and snow plows. "We received mocking, like other communities in the South, for canceling schools when we don't have any snow on the ground, but the last thing they want is school buses on ice-slicked roads," Brett Bell told the newspaper.

Mocking? Ah, yes. Mocking...

Some of the mockery comes from Southerners themselves...

For some the rare taste of winter is fun

For others, no fun

A Minnesota sportswriter stuck in Atlanta's gridlock was in the not-enjoying-this category...

... along with a Southerner grown weary of comments from the North

Meanwhile, up here in the Northland we've got our hands full with our own weather troubles. As the Pioneer Press reports there were more than 300 crashes on Minnesota highways Tuesday, including one fatal accident.

Forecasters say relief from our current polar plunge is on the way Wednesday, when temperatures may reach the 20s with an inch or two of snow possible in the evening.

Wait, ... temps in the 20s ?!? ... with snow ?!?

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