Lumberjack Days is officially back in Stillwater, after City Council approves festival name change

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The annual summer festival in Stillwater will officially be called Lumberjack Days again, after the Stillwater City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to allow festival organizers to use the name and logo for next summer's event, KSTP reports.

The city's festival has been called the Stillwater Log Jam for the past two years.

Lumberjack Days has been around for decades, but was cancelled after the 2011 event when the former organizer David Eckberg was unable to pay some of the bills owed to the city.

Eckberg was then charged with various financial crimes including theft, issuing bad checks, and tax evasion, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Under Eckberg's leadership, Lumberjack Days also got a rowdier reputation; it featured big-name music acts that attracted thousands of people to the downtown area, which in turn led to more unruly behavior.

A group of Stillwater business owners, called the Locals, resumed the festival in 2014, renaming it the Stillwater Log Jam and returning it to a family-oriented event.

But The Locals have always wanted to bring the old name back.

Now, they have the rights to use it after a few procedural steps were taken over the last couple of weeks.

As part of Eckberg's plea agreement for his tax evasion case, he worked with the Lumberjack Days Festival Association to sign over the rights to the name and logo to the city of Stillwater, the Star Tribune reports.

That transfer took place last month, and the final step came Tuesday night, when the City Council approved The Locals' use of the Lumberjack Days name again.

Brad Glynn, one of The Locals, told the council the organizers have wanted to use the Lumberjack Days right from the start, and are glad they can do so now.

"The tradition of the event goes back so many decades," said Glynn, according to the Pioneer Press. "It really makes sense that we return Lumberjack Days to the glory of what it was."

The 2016 festival is the last one covered by The Locals' three-year contract with the city. It's not clear yet whether that agreement will be renewed.

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