Macklemore returns with anti-drug track, "Drug Dealer" - Bring Me The News

Macklemore returns with anti-drug track, "Drug Dealer"

It's the latest in the rapper's drug education initiative.

Macklemore's 2016 has been busy with a worldwide stadium tour, but the biggest impact he may be making this year is with his work drawing attention to opioid addiction.

After appearing earlier this year with President Obama in a weekly address regarding initiatives to help the addicted, Macklemore has now released "Drug Dealer," a track about the present state of substance abuse in America as well as the industry that facilitates it, including some candid lyrics about his own struggles with addiction.

Produced by Macklemore and Seattle-based longtime collaborator Budo, the track pulls no punches. It's been drawing attention for Macklemore's first verse name-dropping several pop culture/musical icons whose deaths have been addiction related. Ariana DeBoo appears on the hook, which implicates the pharmaceutical industry's practices in the addiction epidemic.

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