Magazine: Twin Cities drops in 'gayest' ranking


Minneapolis-St. Paul is still one of the gayest metros in America – No. 9 – but the Twin Cities have slipped in the rankings by the Advocate magazine from No. 7 last year.

The magazine ranks cities on a variety of factors – but hardly scientific ones – including the number of LGBT elected officials, bisexual resource groups, marriage equality – but also the presence of gay rugby, roller derby and Pottery Barns.

The magazine further explains: "Being a great LGBT city doesn’t just mean having a raucous nightlife, so if you expected to see Hell’s Kitchen or the Castro, you’re reading the wrong list."

Here's what the magazine says about Minneapolis-St. Paul:

"The formerly 'just roommates' cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are now fully domestic partners and have become a Midwestern gay mecca, and it’s not just because of pro-LGBT senator Al Franken. It might have something to do with early antidiscrimination ordinances, a no-nonsense attitude, the hunky Mayhem rugby team ( and the Town House Bar (, popular with the ladies. (Don’t even try to resist the Mall of America — you’ll need a car to get there and lots of trunk space to haul your wares home.)"

Here's the full list:

15. St. Louis
14. Salem
13. Colorado Springs
12. Providence
11. Oakland
10. Minneapolis-St. Paul
9. Atlanta
8. Madison
7. Eugene
6. Salt Lake City
5. Seattle
4. Washington, D.C.
3. Spokane
2. Springfield, Mass.
1. Tacoma

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