Major news stories dominate Minnesota's 'most Googled' terms in 2015

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What have Minnesotans been Googling the most this year?

Online real estate website Estately used data provided by Google Trends to find an answer to that question, identifying "what each state Googled more than any other state in 2015."

In Minnesota, the top term was "Black Lives Matter," a nod to the multiple demonstrations held in the state this year in response to police brutality against African Americans.

This culminated last month with the shooting death of Jamar Clark and the subsequent protests outside Minneapolis police's Fourth Precinct that went on for several weeks.

Estately identified three terms that were more widely searched for in Minnesota than they were in other states. The other two were "Scott Weiland" and "Cecil the Lion."

Weiland, the Stone Temple Pilots frontman, hit the headlines earlier this month after he was found dead in his tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota, ahead of performances with his new band in the state.

Cecil the Lion was a famous lion in Zimbabwe who was killed after he was lured outside a national park by a hunting guide. The big-game hunter who shot the lion was Dr. Walter Palmer, who owns a dental practice in Bloomington and became the target of a worldwide backlash following the lion's death.

Minnesota's most Googled terms are more locally-focused than many other parts of the country.

Across the border, Wisconsinites were preoccupied with asking Google "What does 'bae' mean?" They also showed plenty of interest in state representative-turned-House-Speaker Paul Ryan, and influential industrialists The Koch Brothers – who were big backers of Gov. Scott Walker's failed presidential bid.

Iowans are big TV fans, judging by "Bachelorette" being its top Googled term, ahead of "The Bachelor" and "Hunger Games" actress Elizabeth Banks.

Elsewhere, North Dakota's top term was "NFL Draft," Maine had an abiding interest in Amy Schumer and New Yorkers were piqued by Charlie Sheen's diagnosis with HIV.

The most unusual top term (and there are several) may just be found in West Virginia, where people were more interested in movie sequel Magic Mike XXL than those in the rest of the country.

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