'Major storm' could hit MN this week – but will it include snow?

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A large storm – more powerful than one last year that plopped a foot of snow on parts of Minnesota, the National Weather Service says – is expected to roll through the region this week.

But, no shovels needed yet: It should stay warm enough that it'll all be rain drops falling, not flakes.

The first rains could come as early as Tuesday night across much of the state, according to National Weather Service forecasts, but expect Wednesday to be very wet. There's a 90 percent chance of rain on Veterans Day for the southern third of Minnesota, decreasing slightly as you head to the northernmost region.

The reason the service is describing it as "major," it said when asked by a fellow tweeter, is because of the potential for strong wind and heavy precipitation.

The most precipitation is expected in the southeast, which could see 1.5 inches or more, with the northwest getting significantly less (though it'll be colder up there).

Things could change over the next few days – but keep the possibility of a storm on your radar.

That's still a short ways off though. Here's what to expect for today and leading up to the possible storm.

Twin Cities

Sunday-Tuesday: Sunny or mostly sunny during the days, with highs stretching into the mid or uppers 50s. Lows at night in the mid to low 40s. Windy Sunday, but lessening as the days go on.

Wednesday: 90 percent chance of rain with a high of 52.

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NW Minnesota

Sunday-Tuesday: Breezy, but sunny and warm with a high of about 60 Sunday. Similar with highs in the upper 50s Monday and Tuesday – at night it'll drop into the 30s.

Wednesday: A 30 percent chance of a rain-snow mix, turning into rain as the day goes on. A high of 43.

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NE Minnesota

Sunday-Tuesday: Highs in the low 50s over the new few days, with a southwest wind anywhere from 5-15 mph. Lows over the next couple nights will be about 40, then Tuesday night some drizzle could pick up.

Wednesday: Rain is "likely" during the day with a high of 47. (And an admission – there's an outside chance at some snow sticking Thursday night after a break during the day, but we'll see).

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SE Minnesota

Sunday-Tuesday: Beautiful over the next few days – clear and sunny with highs in the mid 50s. Dropping to the upper 30s overnight. A 30 percent chance of showers Tuesday night ahead of Wednesday.

Wednesday: Rain, a 90 percent chance of it through the day and continuing into the night. A high of 54 and a low of 42, with wind picking up at night.

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SW Minnesota

Sunday-Tuesday: A hazardous weather outlook to start, with the grassland fire danger being high due to south-southwest winds of 20-25 mph that gust as high as 35. That risk will continue Monday. Expects highs in the lower 60s the next couple days, with 40s overnight. Similar Tuesday, but a few degrees cooler with calmer winds.

Wednesday: Rainy and breezy with a high of 48 degrees. It'll drop to 34 that night, with a 50/50/ chance at rain with maybe a hint of snow mixed in.

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