Make room in your fridge: Here's Summit Brewing's 2017 beer lineup

Seven new Summit beers are coming out.
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Make room in your refrigerator, Summit Brewing has announced it's beer lineup for next year – and it includes a bunch of new brews.

The St. Paul brewery just celebrated it's 30th anniversary and it has big plans for 2017, including seven new beers, four new variety packs and the return of two old favorites (Summit Double IPA in December and Keller Pils in April), a news release says.

Here's a look at what to expect, and when you'll be able to find it.

First, the beers.

  • India-Style Black Ale – a beer that resembles many porters and stouts from the United Kington in the 19th century. It has notes of espresso, dark chocolate, black cherries, pineapple, lemon-lime and pepper. It'll be available on draught and in a specialty box set in January.
  • Summit Hefeweizen – a classic German wheat beer. Has aromas of bananas and closes, as well as a creamy mouthfeel and "refreshing" finish. It'll be available on draught and in a specialty box set at liquor stores in April.
  • Summit Wit Bier – a traditional Belgian white beer. Floral aromas, along with coriander, oranges and lemon zest. It'll be available on draught and in a specialty box set at liquor stores in April.
  • Summit Doppel Alt – a German-style ale with notes of caramel, toffee and stone fruit, as well as flavors of toast and biscuit. It'll be released on draught and in a specialty box set liquor stores in October.
  • Summit Belgian-style Pale Ale – an orange-colored pale ale that'll quench your thirst, Summit says. It will be available in six-packs and 12-packs of cans, as well as on draught, come September.
  • Unchained 24: Spring Saison – part of the brewery's Unchained series that allows Summit's brewers to show off their creativity. A traditional Belgian-style saison from James Birnie that features a peppery flavor with a hint of tartness. It'll be available on draught and in six-packs of 12-ounce cans come March.
  • Unchained 25: Vienna-Style Lager – a Vienna-style lager from brewer Tom Mondor with notes of toast, biscuit and caramel, as well as spicy and herbal flavors. It'll be available on draught and in six-packs of cans in July.
  • Unchained 26: Westie 7th – a Belgian dark ale from brewer Nick Hempfer that's a tribute to Summit's neighborhood. It has flavors of caramel, toffee, fig, raisins and molasses. It'll be available on draught and in six-packs in October.
  • Union Series: Imperial Russian-Style Stout – part of Summit's limited-release Union Series, it's an authentic 19th-century recipe that offers aromas of dark chocolate, dark fruit and licorice. It'll come out in December in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles.

And now the new variety packs.

  • Summit IPA Collection – the first new variety pack is coming out in January, and will feature a bunch of hoppy beers: Sága IPA, Horizon Red IPA, True Brit IPA, and the brand-new Summit India-Style Black Ale.
  • Summit Boundary Waters Box – this summer-flavor box will be released in April, and will include Summer Ale, Keller Pils, Summit Hefeweizen and Summit Wit Bier.
  • Summit Harvest Collection – fall comes in July with this box of beer, which includes Summit Oktoberfest, Extra Pale Ale, Great Northern Porter and Pilsener.
  • Summit Penalty Box – coming in October in time for the start of hockey season, the box will feature the Winter Ale, Extra Pale Ale, Horizon Red IPA and Summit Doppel Alt.

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