Make your Valentine's reservation, White Castle offers candlelit dinner


Nothing says "I love you" like a candlelit dinner with your sweetheart complete with a bag filled with mini sliders.

At least that's what White Castle says. Several locations, including the ones in St. Cloud and Minneapolis, are taking reservations for a candlelit Valentine's Day meal.

And this isn't just some trial run the fast food company is doing. They've been offering Valentine's dinners for 25 years. According to the Business Journal, the first time the chain took reservations was in 1991, and since then it has become a tradition for many couples.

White Castle does dress things up a bit for the special celebration. The restaurant says they'll offer hostess seating, table service and "a decadent cuisine of Sliders, Shrimp Nibblers, Strawberry and Cream Waffles" and other menu items.

This meal won't bust your bank either. White Castle's "Share a Meals," as they're called, are just $9.95 each.

If this sounds like the perfect date for you, check out which locations are participating and get your name on the list. And don't put off making that call. According to the release, Jamie Richardson, the restaurant's vice president, says seats fill up at several locations pretty fast.

And who knows, maybe your White Castle date could be the perfect place for your white wedding. Richardson says that does happen.

The event runs from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m on Valentine's Day.

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