What makes a city the best for beer? This tool helps find the answer

Test out this interactive and see if you can get Minneapolis to a No. 1 ranking.

What makes a place the best beer city?

Russell Goldenberg of The Pudding (a website that publishes weekly visual essays) tried to figure it out, using data – and a sweet interactive.

He says Santa Rosa, California, is the mecca for craft beer, based on a "blend" of beer rankings and how many breweries there are. He used data from RateBeer.com, and only included breweries with three-plus beers that had at least 10 reviews, among other parameters.

Santa Rosa was No. 1 with an A-plus rating based on 12 breweries. Minneapolis came in at No. 6, with a B-plus rating based on 18 breweries.

But, the best beer city is pretty subjective. So, Goldenberg developed an interactive graphic that lets you play around with the data (it's pretty fun if you're a nerd like me). You can change how much quality and quantity influences a city's grade and ranking, as well as narrowing it down based on style of beer and how far the breweries are from the city.

Test it out here and see if you can get Minneapolis to that No. 1 spot.

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