'Making a Murderer' attorney Dean Strang coming to Mankato


One of the stars of "Making a Murderer" will soon be back in Minnesota to give a talk about the case made famous by the hit Netflix documentary.

Attorney Dean Strang was one half of the legal defense team that represented Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, murder defendant Steven Avery in a legal saga that has become notorious.

He'll be appearing at Minnesota State University Mankato to discuss the implications of the Avery case next month.

The Avery case

Avery's story begins in the 1980s, when he was wrongfully convicted for a rape he didn't commit. He spent nearly two decades in prison and was finally freed in 2003, but not long after his exoneration, he was accused in the murder of a young woman and found himself sitting in the defendant's chair once again.

He was subsequently found guilty in a trial that was marked by serious suggestions of wrongdoing against Manitowoc County law enforcement – specifically, that they framed Avery and violated his constitutional rights.

Suddenly famous

In the wake of the Netflix series' popularity, Strang found himself with a sudden social media following, based not only around his tireless advocacy for his defendant's rights, but also his dapper manner of dress and unique fashion sense.

Indeed, there's a tumblr devoted to it. Calling itself "StrangCore," the account says it's "decicated to the early-mid 2000s normcore style of Dean Strang."

Strang told the Business Insider he thinks his fame is "silly" and that he is "not a celebrity," but as the publication points out, the Wisconsin lawyer "wants to use the spotlight to do some good" – specifically, discussing the "broader issues that the film raises" in interviews and forums.

And he has been doing just that. He's had at least two speaking engagements in Minnesota already (one of which sold out), and is scheduled for a June appearance in Minneapolis as part of a national tour.

Strang is set to hold a "conversation on Making a Murderer" at MSU-Mankato's Bresnan Arena on April 6 at 7 p.m.

Tickets, available here, are $10 for the public. Admission is free for students.

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