Male Uber drivers earn more than women, but it's nothing to do with discrimination

The study has found a surprising 7 percent pay gap in Uber payouts to drivers.

With a "gender-blind" pay-scale, Uber is one of the professions where men and women workers are on a level playing field – so why are men still getting paid more?

The answer isn't discrimination, according to a study just released by Stanford University, the University of Chicago and Uber itself, but differing driving and work habits between men and women.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 1.8 million Uber trips and found that male drivers earn roughly 7 percent more per hour than women on average, which is actually in line with gender pay gaps seen within other industries.

Despite this, the study's authors wrote: "We find no evidence that outright discrimination, either by the app or by riders, is driving the gender earnings gap."

The gap is instead down to three reasons:

Men drive in more lucrative locations

The study found that men are typically more likely to operate in congested urban areas, where they're more likely to get higher rates and can take advantage of "surge pricing."

Part of the reason they do this is because of experience, which brings us to reason two...

Men spend more time driving for Uber than women 

According to the study, the more time you spend driving for Uber the more you're likely to earn.

That's because you gain experience knowing when the best times to drive are, where the most lucrative locations are, and "how to strategically cancel and accept trips."

A driver with more than 2,500 lifetime trips earns 14 percent more an hour than someone who's completed fewer than 100.

Men tend to work longer for Uber than women, and as a result increase their earnings.

Men drive faster than women

Not something to be celebrated really, but the final factor in determining why men get paid more than women driving for Uber is because they complete their trips faster.

While shorter trips tend to equal lower payouts, the study found the money lost as a result of this "is outweighed by the value of completing a trip quickly to start the next trip sooner and accumulate more per-mile pay."

Because male drivers had higher average speeds on their trips, they earned more as a result.

While they earn less, women are also likely to pay less for their car insurance than men, who according to the DMV are deemed riskier by insurers.

You can read the report here.

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