Judge weighs restraining order to stop Black Lives Matter protest at MOA

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Mall of America wants Black Lives Matter to call off an announced protest for Wednesday, and also delete any mention of the demonstration off its social media account – and is looking to the legal system to help get that done.

Mall officials have asked a Hennepin County judge to issue a restraining order to stop Black Lives Matter Minneapolis from organizing a Dec. 23 protest at the megamall, which it announced last week.

A court hearing took place Monday afternoon and the judge is expected to issue a ruling by Tuesday.

If a restraining order is issued and protesters defy it, they face arrest and possibly jail time, according to the Uptake.

The group posted a copy of the proposed temporary restraining order on its Facebook page.


It declares that the defendants and others associated with them are prohibited from demonstrating on MOA grounds, and makes a few requests, including:

  • Prohibit the defendants and others from soliciting or encouraging a protest.
  • Require Black Lives Matter to delete any online materials (Facebook posts, tweets, etc.) in reference to Wednesday's scheduled protest.
  • Inform others that the protest is no longer happening.
  • And post on the group's Facebook page any order granting the restraining order.

Last week, when Black Lives matter announced its plans, an attorney representing Mall of America said it intends "to do whatever it can to communicate loud and clear that, again, it does not allow protests on its property. No matter how important or good the cause.”

The restraining order proposal lists Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, as well as four named and four unnamed activists, as defendants.

Activists continue to call for the release of video of the Nov. 15 fatal police shooting of Jamar Clark; that a special prosecutor instead of a grand jury determines potential charges against the police officers involved; and that the men charged in connection with the shooting of five protesters face federal domestic terrorist charges, among other demands.

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