Mall of America stabbing suspect waited outside Macy's fitting room with knife, charges say

Charges filed Tuesday reveal details about the attack at Macy's.
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A 20-year-old who'd previously been arrested for stabbing psychiatric unit staff members with a pen was charged Tuesday with assault for a knife attack against a couple of Mall of America shoppers.

Mahad Abdiraham was charged Tuesday with two counts of felony first-degree assault, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office announced.

Two people were stabbed Sunday evening in the mall's Macy's store, bringing dozens of cop cars after what one Twitter user called "the scariest experience of my life."


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The charges filed Tuesday reveal the terrifying nature of the attack for the victims as well.

According to the complaint:

A 19-year-old came out of the Macy's dressing room to show his family a pair of pants, and noticed Abdiraham standing near it. The 19-year-old went back into the dressing room, and when he came out, Abdiraham was standing there, a large butcher knife with an 8-inch blade in hand.

When the 19-year-old tried to get by, Abdiraham began slashing. 

The victim was hit in the face, head and the back of his arms – some of the wounds went down to the bone. He wound up needing a blood transfusion and will have permanent scarring.

A 25-year-old family member heard screaming and rushed over to help. While working to subdue Abdiraham, he was also struck on the hand and back. The slice on his back needed 42 stitches to close.

The two victims and witnesses helped get the knife out of Abdiraham's hand, and police arrived to arrest him. Surveillance footage showed Abdiraham buying gloves from Macy's, and putting them on before the attack. 

The area inside and around the fitting room is described as "covered in blood."

Abdiraham was arrested last year after the attorney's office said he stabbed two staff members at an in-patient psychiatric unit with a pen.

He's expected to be in court Wednesday.

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