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'Mallrats' won't be returning to Minnesota, as PA mall is picked for sequel


A sequel to the "Most iconic movie filmed in Minnesota" is on its way – unfortunately, it's not coming from the state it's credited with putting on the cinematic map.

Did you think we were going to say "Fargo 2"? Not quite (but more on the Coen Brothers' classic later).

The follow-up to the classic cult comedy "Mallrats," which was filmed at the Eden Prairie Center mall and released in 1995, is now in production...but not in Minnesota.

This comes right from the horse's mouth, that horse being none other than Silent Bob himself, director Kevin Smith:


Despite having told vita.mn earlier this year that it "would be a dream" to shoot in Minnesota again, concerns over the all-important bottom line seem to have forced the production elsewhere.

In that same Q&A with the paper, Smith lamented that the film's financial backers "are going to make me go wherever we get the biggest tax break."

That seems to have been the state of Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia Inquirer confirms shooting is underway at Exton Square Mall, and that the film is called "MallBrats" (though Smith does not seem to make mention of this title anywhere on his Facebook profile).

Most Minnesotan movie?

There was a lot of head-scratching going on back in February when Mashable declared Mallrats Minnesota's most iconic film.

According to WCCO, the decision prompted a fair amount of backlash on social media.

The website did not defend its choices and apparently only meant to start a conversation.

In case you're wondering, Fargo went to North Dakota, though only the beginning of the film took place there – the majority of the plot unfolds in Brainerd and Minneapolis.

It should also be pointed out that its makers, the Coen Brothers, are natives of St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

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