Man, 2 dogs escape from van dangling over I-94


A van with a man and two dogs inside rolled into a chain link fence Monday morning and dangled dangerously over Interstate 94 in downtown St. Paul, police say. He was not injured and the dogs were saved.

The 68-year-old St. Paul man, who has permission to sleep in the van in the parking lot at the First Baptist Church, had just awakened and accidentally shifted the vehicle into reverse, the Star Tribune reports.

The vehicle rolled over an embankment and into the fence, which remarkably held the van in a precarious perch, preventing a two-story fall to the freeway below near 7th Street, the newspaper reports.

The man, identified only as Anthony, was able to escape and a tow truck pulled the van back to safety so the dogs could also be rescued, KARE 11 reports.

FOX 9 has video of the van being pulled off the fence.

The man told reporters he had been badly frightened by the incident, KARE 11 reports.

Highway patrol officials blocked the right two lanes of eastbound Interstate 94 during rush-hour traffic until about 9 a.m., after the van was safely back in the lot. Police said Anthony was gone by the time they got there, but the two dogs were there and the animals were taken to a shelter.

The man was sober, did not violate any law and had proper insurance, the Pioneer Press reports.

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