Man challenges trainers to find Pokemon prizes he's hidden in Minneapolis

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Kudos to this Minneapolis small business owner for a great way of jumping on the "Pokemon Go" bandwagon.

Sean Hoag, who uses a 3-D printer to create props, replicas and cosplay items, is promoting his small Etsy shop 6123D by setting a Pokemon challenge for people in the southwest and south Minneapolis area.

He has printed 50 Pokemon-shaped prizes – 40 "Bulbasaur" planters, five "Oddish" planters and five glow-in-the-dark "Pikachus" – and hidden them around the south Minneapolis neighborhoods near Pokemon Go "gyms" for people to find.

He issued the challenge on Youtube (above) and Reddit on Monday, telling users he hid all the prizes overnight on Sunday.

Anyone who finds a Pikachu prize will find on it a code they can email to Sean in return for a $10 Apple store or Google Play voucher.

Anyone who finds a prize is also encouraged to share a picture on Instagram, tagging @6123D in the process. He has a list of tips on how to find them here.

Here's a look at the map of the areas you should be looking.

Here's what they look like

First, the Bulbasaurs.

Then the Oddishes.

And finally the Pikachus.

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