Man charged in connection with break-in where investigating officer was shot

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A man is charged with burglary in connection with a Minneapolis break-in, which resulted in one of the responding officers being shot and wounded.

Andrew Neal, 43, of Crystal, was charged with first-degree burglary Tuesday.

The criminal complaint says Neal broke into the Minneapolis home of his ex-girlfriend, her current boyfriend and the boyfriend's son early Saturday morning. He threatened the son with a hammer and lunged at the father, who slightly cut Neal with a pocket knife before Neal fled, the complaint notes.

Two officers responded to the burglary Saturday morning, and were standing near their squad car at 24th Avenue and Fremont Avenue North when Jordan Davis was hit by a gunshot.

Neal was arrested Saturday afternoon after an hours-long search, and is expected to make his first court appearance on the burglary charges Wednesday. The Hennepin County Attorney's Office is asking for $500,000 bail.

Davis was released from the hospital Monday.

As of Tuesday afternoon, no arrests have been made nor charges filed in direct connection with the shooting.

That could change, however.

"There was sufficient evidence to charge him with [burglary]. Minneapolis police is continuing its investigation into the Saturday morning events and if they find evidence linking Mr. Neal to other crimes, we can consider additional charges," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a news release Tuesday.

Police are continuing their investigation, including analyzing a handgun and two magazines, which were found in a backyard a few houses down from Neal's ex-girlfriend's residence.

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