Man charged in white powder scheme at Pine County courthouse

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The man police believe sent several envelopes containing a bacteria-laced powder to the Pine County Government Center last month now faces more than two dozen criminal charges.

FOX 9 reports 45-year-old Johnnie Long was charged with 27 counts of creating a real or simulated weapon of mass destruction.

A search warrant executed at Long's rural Pine County home last week found the white powdery substance, which by itself is "essentially harmless," according to FOX 9 reporter Tom Lyden. The powder contained two types of bacteria that could be used to produce deadly biological weapons like anthrax, the television station says.

Envelopes were addressed to the sheriff, several deputies, the county attorney and two judges.

The Pine County Sheriff’s Office said last week that Long was being investigated by the FBI for making and planting devices meant to look like explosives, which investigators found evidence of during the raid.

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