Man finds wedding ring on snow-covered lake after days of searching


A St. Francis man who spent hours this week raking through the snow on frozen Crooked Lake found the wedding ring he had lost during a polar plunge event on Saturday, Fox 9 reports.

Bob Neumann, of St. Francis, had attended the Anoka County Polar Bear Plunge, which benefits the Special Olympics, in support of a friend. At one point, he noticed his ring had slipped off. "It felt like a piece of me was missing," said Neumann, who has rarely taken the ring off in 10 years of marriage.

Since Saturday, Neumann spent hours each day on the ice searching for it in newly fallen snow with a broom, rake, shovel, metal detector and ice chipper – and he found it on Valentine's Day, Fox 9 reports. "All of a sudden, there it was," Neumann said. "I got down on my knees and was so thankful."

Here's the Fox 9 story:


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